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About us

About us

Vision & Mission


Core Values

The idea and philosophy here at Micro Logic Technologies is to help the customers get the most from the investments made by them in the fields of technology and software development. This, we do by providing optimal performance with ERP, HR & POS solutions. No matter how much the industry develops, the fact of the matter is that businesses need their software to run smoothly. We ensure that.


We here at Micro Logic Technologies strive in making it successful for all the people involved directly as well as indirectly with us. Micro Logic Technologies operates as a team with lead engineers who look into your issues from time to time. There is an undying devoutness to multiply as well as increase the skills, customer business, wealth, name and fame of the potential customers. In addition to the growth of the clients, we also look at enriching the lives of others who are around us in some or the other way.


Micro Logic Technologies is committed to increase the Organizational effectiveness of our clients by providing technology solutions that are least described as best. We aim at providing the optimal settlement for the software solutions and services very efficiently in a cost operative and operational way to the customers.


The mission here at Micro Logic Technologies is mainly to provide the best customer service and satisfaction to its customers in U.A.E. We provide a strong process which can make software simple and convenient for our clients. With the world going online, the need for better software solutions is inevitable. Micro Logic Technologies understands this and works diligently at meeting the software needs of its clients.

The main goal of Micro Logic Technologies is to foster a long term relationship with the clients by providing affordable solutions and prompt response service to any issues. These services are provided by qualified engineers with a passion towards excellence in a cost effective way which is the least time consuming. Our company is well known in maintaining an upfront as well as open character in all the services and activities.


The core values of us here at Micro Logic Technologies are integrity, competence, growth, kindness, service as well as candor. We are mainly focused on dealing with customers and clients in a fair, transparent and a consistently passionate way. This is mainly due to the integrity and trust in providing excellent solutions and services thereby making long term relationships. The last minute surprises and unfortunate experiences are avoided for the clients, as the moment we realize that the situation is getting out of hand; people are updated and kept well informed.


We go that extra mile in delivering the best and that which is expected much more than promised. The benchmark maintained by Micro Logic Technologies is the best business with zeal to explore new as well as better things. The satisfaction level is maintained keenly with nothing that is less than the best! The threshold level is maintained well and keeps increasing for each and every customer

The key concept here is that selecting an accounting system is a process, not an instantaneous decision or force fitting one product because someone recommended it or the only one of which you are aware. We have deliberately structured the software, help you achieve all of objectives.


You could carry out this process manually, but it would take a great deal of time, and in the end you might miss the best product simply because you didn’t know it existed. You might not be aware of specific functionality that might enable you to better control your business simply because you didn’t ask the right questions of yourself.


Logic ERP is personal and business financial-accounting software, designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible. Logic allow you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports.

The key to selecting a new accounting system for your organization is based upon:


»» Your ability to know what your organization needs to do every well in order to succeed.

»» Your understanding of what role your accounting system needs to play.

»» Defining specific functionality that will meet these requirement.

»» Finding that single product which best suits your unique requirements.

»» Installing and configuration that system with minimum disruption to your normal activities.

»» Training your employees now to use the system to accomplish their specific job responsibilities.

»» Creating manual and automated business processes which meet your organizations strategic and operational objectives.

Logic ERP Solution




Multi Company   |   Multi Location   |   Multi Currency   |   Multi Language   |   Multi Unit of Measurement   |   Multi Financial Years

»» General Accounting & Fixed Assets

»» Point of Sale

»» Sale, Purchase & Inventory

»» Projects & Job Costing

»» Document Management & Approvals

»» Goods in Transit

»» Assembling & Manufacturing

»» Serialized & Batch wise Inventory

»» Barcodes and Cheque Printing

»» Automatic Reminders

»» PDC Management

»» Overdues (Receivable and Payable)

»» Quotations & Order

»» GRN & Delivery Note Management

»» Smart Searching in forms & vouchers

»» Fully client server based (Support VPN)

»» Easy database backup & restore

»» Forms & Vouchers Scheduling

»» Data Import & Export

»» In built Document Email & many more . . .

Logic HR & Payroll is a cost effective way of ensuring your payroll is processed in a timely and efficient manner. Following an initial consultation to get an understanding of your business and your payroll requirements, we will tailor a solution to suit your specific business needs

Running a business today carries many obligations and knowledge of legislative responsibilities. As Owner / Manager of your business, you have many responsibilities and your time and resources need to be focused on your core business


Logic HR & Payroll is essential but noncore provision of payroll allows you to focus on what you be the best, running your business. As a trusted provider in this specialist area, we ensure your staff are paid on time.

Logic HR & Payroll manages complete employee detail including all official detail, personal, salary, emergency contacts documents details, company assets and other more information with physical document attachment in different file formats like word, excel, PDF, zip etc. Logic HR & Payroll gives you full reminder summary on dashboard and not let you forget expiry of important documents related to employees, vehicles, policies and trade license of the company. Annual leave of how many employees are due and how many employees may return from annual leave within specific period or dates.

Logic HR & Payroll Solution






»» Employee Management

»» Document Management

»» Vacation & Leave

»» Advance & Loan

»» Time sheet(Import from Excel)

»» Payroll/Salary Creation

»» Promotion & Demotion

»» Salary History

»» Bank Transfers

»» WPS Transfer(SIF File Creation)

»» Project Management

»» Vehicle Management

»» End of Service

»» Reporting & Analysis

»» Forms & Letters Printing

»» Document Reminders

»» and many more . . .

»» Pay Slips

»» Salary Registers

»» Salary Certificate

»» Salary Bank Register

»» Salary WPS Register (SIF)

»» Gratuity Report (Termination/Resignation/

Deport-as per Labour Law)

»» Leave Register

»» Leave Outstanding

»» Document Reminders

»» Loan/Advance Register

»» Time sheet

»» Accrual Report

»» Your get the information you need faster and easier with a simplified, more intuitive navigation.

»» We took the best of design and modernized the look and feel, so that all of your everyday tasks are easy and efficient.

»» Bigger fonts, taller row heights on forms and registers, and updated colors dramatically improves readability so you can focus on task at hand.

»» Icon bar on the left of the screen gives easy access to open windows and most common tasks, such as viewing account balances and favorite reports.

»» Easier on the eye with powerful tools and shortcuts

»» Spend more time on your business and less time learning a software.

Logic Accounting is ranked as one of the most renowned small business financial software all across the Middle East. Power packed with a whole range of powerful features, it not only shows where the business stands financially with exact precision, but also allows users to save time by and concentrating on the key aspects of the business and getting things more organized.

Logic Accounting Solution



With Logic POS, we understand that the point of sale software is an extremely important in making a successful retail business, and keeping that in mind, we bring you the best in point of sale software solutions.

Our state of the art software package is trusted by enterprises all over the Middle East, and it is compatible with the most cutting edge POS systems & equipments. We’ve taken care to ensure that these Logic POS precisely capture all information gathered through touch-screens, bar codes, or manual input of item codes.



»» Pharmacy

»» Construction

»» Real Estate

»» And many more...

Logic POS Solution



»» Touch Screen Enabled

»» User Friendly Interactive Screen

»» Integrated with Finance Module

»» Barcode Scanning & Searching

»» Support Multi Units & Weighing Products

»» Hold & Recall Sales Invoice

»» Accepts Credit Cards

»» Employee Schedule Operation

»» Kit Creation

»» Works Offline


»» Retail Outlets

»» Restaurants

»» Spas

»» Ready Made Garments

»» Cosmetics & Fancy

»» Footwear’s

»» Electronics & Computers

»» Sanitary & Hardware

»» Spare Parts

»» Educational Institutions

»» Vegetables & Fruits

Access your data anywhere, anytime! Transfer any existing inventory data to Logic POS!

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